Chaqueta Textil Airtech Armor

129,90 $

Cod. T177-026

Color Negro

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Chaqueta técnica de moto adecuada para climas templados o cálidos



    More and more products are now made using fabrics. Cowhide, excellent material for the production of motorcycle apparel, is being replaced by lighter, less expensive and easier to wash materials; therefore the challenge is to find an equally durable fabric. Spidi dedicated a lot of resources to find the best materials to equip riders and therefore created a standard to identify the best fabrics: TexTech. The peculiar TexTech has water repellency, perspiration, windbreaking, shear strength and abrasion resistance. Each supply is tested by the SAFETY LAB to ensure the required performances. The TexTech technology is applied to all the products with textile materials, except for the H2Out category. All these fabrics are studied by SPIDI in collaboration with the best producers in the world. The lifestyle of people traveling on two wheels is dynamic and active, it is important to stay protected wearing the best materials, TexTech is the answer.

    Text-tech elbow protection.

    Text-tech shoulder protection.

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Preparación para el alojamiento de espaldera CE

Preparación para el alojamiento de espaldera CE

Preparaciòn para alojamiento de Warrior Chest


Back Warior Evo Inside opcional (Niv.2) CE

Preparaciòn para alojamiento de Thorax Warrior Chest

Back Warrior B1 Inside opcional (Niv.1 CE)


Sistema de unión con el pantalón

Peso medio 0,9 Kg

Sistema de regulación integrada

Cierre regulable en la cintura

Cinturones de regulación y fisaje protectores CE

Tejido de alta resistencia

Tejido red perforado

No lave - No usar lejia - No usar secadora - Línea de secado a la sombra - No planchar - No limpio no seco - No retorcer