Pantalones Denim J-Tracker

199,90 $

Cod. J59-804

Color 804

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Pantalón técnico de moto de tejido adecuado a climas templados o cálidos


    Warrior tech

    By continuous research and experience, gained from Safety Lab, comes a new technology signed by SPIDI, synthesis of history and innovation, two founding values of the Brand. The main goal of the Safety Lab has always been focused on nding the best combination of comfort and safety. After a long time of experimentation on track, through software simulations and tests in the urban environment, engineers of the SPIDI Community created the Warrior Tech, a new technology, with a careful study of bio-mechanics and ergonomics, able to protect the rider in the most sensitive areas in the event of a fall. The never ending research in technical innovations becomes more and more accurate, reaching its peak with the performance of Warrior Tech; a technology able to respond at extreme stress. Thanks to its modular design, it adapts perfectly to the natural shapes of the human body. The most innovative value , focused in the design of its structure that enhance the possibilities offered by polymers and the nonperforming process, allows the industrial production of a protector with impact absorption capacity never reached before. With the application of the Warrior Tech inserts, the safety of the rider reaches a level with no equals, covering an important role as part of the vanguard in technical sports and opening new scenarios in mobility safety, that go far beyond the world of motorsport.

    Warrior chest.

    Warrior back.

Fichas Técnicas

  • Safety
  • Performance
  • Ergonomy
  • Materials
  • Maintenance


PPE Indumentaria de protección para uso motociclista certificado Pr En 17092-4:2017 de clase A



Peso de la tela 13 (oz/m²)

Peso medio 1,0 Kg

Conección para mosquetón

Banda de conección al Pants Clip

Corte Slim

Posiciò protector rodilla regulable



Tejido elástico

Lavar a mano por debajo de 40 ° C - No usar lejia - Drip secado line - Planchar a temperatura máxima de la placa (110 ° C) - No limpiar en seco - No retorcer