Chaqueta de piel Metal

499,90 $

Cod. P163-026

Color Negro

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Chaqueta técnica de moto de piel con protecciones certificadas CE extraíbles en los hombros y los codos.



    SPIDI was born in the most important district for leather processing. Tanning in the Chiampo Valley boasts roots in the fifteenth century, when farmers themselves began to tan and sell leathers. The beginning of the industrial process of tanning can be dated to the '800s; it's towards the middle of the twentieth century that the art of tanning invades the whole valley, thanks to the electromechanical development, and counting now over 700 factories in that industry. Almost six hundred years of tradition, innovation and research allow SPIDI using the finest leathers from around the world, wisely worked in this district in northern Italy, where tanning handed down for generations and where the common goal is to continue to refine the tanning process of leathers that will then be used in a variety of categories, such automotive, footwear, clothing and more. Spidi benefited from this amazing know-how to create the quality standards of leathers used in the motorcycle world. The proximity to the world's most important tanning district allowed us over the years, and still allows , to select the leathers and to define all the stages to reach the highest quality products that exceed standards. LEAT+ER is synonymous of high quality and certifies that our leather were wisely worked in Italy to give our products a unique look, in accordance with our health/safety standards. Wearing a SPIDI LEAT+ER product means wearing over two hundred years of history.

    Back flex zone.

    Side flex zone.

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Preparación para el alojamiento de espaldera CE

Preparación para el alojamiento de espaldera CE (Liv. 2)Z172

Protectores Warrior Lite removibles CE En1621-1 Nivel 1 hombros y codos

Prenda impermeable 50%

Forro fijo

Forro removible 100 gr.

Forro interior utilizable autónomamente

Peso medio 2,0 Kg

Cierre regulable en la cintura

Piel de cabra de 0.7/0.9mm de espesor - Sensibilidad de conducción mejorada

Guata termoaislante, transpirante, hidrorepelente

Chaqueta de piel lavada con mayor comfort y estilo.

No lave - No usar lejia - No usar secadora - Línea de secado a la sombra - No planchar - No limpio no seco - No retorcer